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Affordable, easy-to-use Thermography Imaging developed for Integrative-Functional-Natural Practitioners

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(1) Liver stress (3) Intestine under function

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

(1) Inflamed Tonsils, (3-5) Lymph blocked

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Severe Shoulder Back Pain

WHY it's time for Thermography to shine

Johannes R. Fisslinger Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health University Founder

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions University

"I've developed ThermoBuzzer over the last few years specifically for you ... because I was totally frustrated that our Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches and other integrative health professionals did not have a proven imaging tool to visually measure the two most importance forces of self-healing and show the progress and effects of their work.

Over 300 research projects confirm the validity of thermography yet until now it's used rarely because medical thermography is expensive and difficult to use.

ThermoBuzzer is changing all that; it finally allows holistic-integrative-functional practitioners to use an affordable, easy to use and science-based imaging technology to attract, monitor and empower clients to heal and thrive.

Attract, Monitor & Empower Your Clients

ThermoBuzzer™ integrates cutting-edge mobile and infrared thermography imaging technology to visually show surface heat patterns, stress imbalances and unconscious psycho-social habits (via the autonomic nervous system). ThermoBuzzer is an invaluable tool for you to attract and invite more clients, monitor their ongoing progress, increase compliance and empower them to heal and thrive.

Foot Acupressure Points

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Tennis Elbow, Strain

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Hand Acupressure Points

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Breast Scan Image


Perfect for Health Coaches | Therapists | Natural Medicine Practitioners | Psychologists | Wellness & Spa Operators | Peak Performance Business Coaches | Longevity Coaches | Medical Doctors

Your Benefits

  • Cutting-edge "visual" monitoring and imaging technology
  • Show imbalances years before symptoms manifest
  • Indicates under/over function of organs
  • Visually show stress, inflammation, asymmetries of organs, acupressure & trigger points
  • Empower clients, increase motivation and compliance
  • Add additional income streams to your practice

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